Falcon 900B Maintenance Training Courses


AccuJet Aviation Maintenance Training offers a three week Falcon 900B Maintenance Initial Course, a two week Aircraft Systems Initial Course and a one week Aircraft Systems Maintenance Update/Refresher Course. All three courses are FAA approved for IA

Renewal and can be approved for JAA or Transport Canada for countries outside the United States as needed.


The Falcon 900B is a very complicated aircraft that incorporates many more monitoring circuits and extra added safety systems that the Falcon 50 does not have. For example, the Falcon 900B utilizes a completely different monitoring circuit with its bleed air system and ice and rain protection system. Even the fire protection system is fault monitored in a completely different fashion than the Falcon 50.

It is a whole lot more aircraft with enhancements added to almost every system and so naturally it demands a much longer course to properly train aircraft maintenance technicians/engineers.


The 3 week Maintenance Initial covers every aircraft system plus non-system subjects (ATA 0-20) and aircraft structures (ATA 50 series) along with two days of avionics training (ATA 22, 23 and 34) added to the end of the course. This course was developed in order to meet the requirements of JAA and Transport Canada maintenance engineers. It is also a great course for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians that are not familiar with Dassault/Falcon aircraft or maintenance manuals and are in need of Falcon 900B system knowledge as well.


Many of our customers could not afford to have their maintenance technician gone for three weeks at a time so AccuJet developed the Aircraft Systems Maintenance Initial. The 2 week Aircraft Systems Maintenance Initial was designed for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians and Engineers that are already familiar with other Dassault/Falcon products such as the Falcon 50 and need system knowledge of the Falcon 900B. The course will not cover any type of introduction to the aircraft, subjects (ATA 0-20) nor will it cover aircraft structures (ATA 50 series) or avionics training (ATA 22, 23 and 34) due to our time restraints. We will go over differences and similarities with the other Dassault/Falcon products in order to make learning easier.


AccuJet can conduct training at either the customers own location or at its training center located at Meacham Field in Ft. Worth, Texas. We understand that it may be more cost beneficial for a flight department to train more than one person at a time while only paying for one persons travel expenses, so we offer to travel to your facility in order to save your company money. We also understand that your company may not have the luxury of conducting training away from the busy hangar so we also offer to conduct our training around your busy work schedule as needed during the course as time permits.


Please take advantage of our low prices and our flexible schedules to meet your training needs.



2008 Falcon 900B Training Schedule


Please call or e-mail us to schedule a course that will best correspond with your flight departments schedule.